A Natural Way to Camp

Acampada natural en Somiedo (Asturias)

Camping Lagos de Somiedo (2nd Category) is located in the heart of a glacial valley, whose basin houses the largest lake in the Cantabrian Mountains.

Thirty years ago, we pioneered rural tourism in Asturias, standing out for our practice of natural camping. Instead of delimited pitches, we offer our guests the freedom to choose their spot within over 6000 square meters of meadows crossed by a river that make up our land.

This philosophy of free camping allows for a more harmonious integration with the environment of the Biosphere Reserve and the Natural Park of the Lagos de Somiedo, promoting a family-friendly atmosphere of relaxation and a deep respect for nature. Our tradition, privileged location, and practice of natural camping enable us to offer our visitors a unique experience in complete harmony with the natural beauty of Asturias and the exceptional surroundings of Somiedo.

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