Children's Farm

Discover the Charm of Nature at Our Children's Farm.

Discover the Charm of Nature at Our Children's Farm.

At our Children's Farm, kids have the opportunity to come into contact with the fascinating world of nature and agricultural life for the first time.

In our livestock farm, we offer young visitors a unique experience that combines fun and learning about rural environments.

Activities at Our Farm:

Guided tours to the stable, traditional thatched hut, water mill, granaries, and more: Explore our farm through guided tours, where children can discover the magic of a stable, the authenticity of a traditional thatched hut, how a water mill works, and the uniqueness of our granaries. They will participate in agricultural tasks, connecting with farm life.

Interaction with farm animals: Let children get close, touch, and feed the animals on our farm. From friendly sheep to a charming donkey, friendly horses, playful rabbits, curious chickens, and more. It's the perfect opportunity for children to connect with animals they often only see in books.

Exploration of the water mill: We will accompany children on an exciting visit to a water mill, where they can learn about the historical importance of this traditional engineering and how it contributes to life in the countryside.

An educational and fun experience. Through interactive activities, we aim to inspire a lasting love for the rural environment.

Join us on this exciting educational adventure and book a visit to our Children's Farm. Let's allow children to discover the charm of farm life while having fun and learning in a natural and authentic environment.

We look forward to welcoming your group soon!