Horseback Riding "El Chugarín"

Explore the Somiedo Natural Park on Horseback with El Chugarín.

Explore the Somiedo Natural Park on Horseback with El Chugarín.

Further Information: El Chugarín Horseback Riding Routes.

Immerse yourself in the essence of the Somiedo Natural Park on the backs of noble horses.

Our horseback riding routes are designed for all ages and levels of experience, from beginners to expert riders, with options ranging from two-hour rides to longer journeys.

Route Details:

For Children and Adults: We offer routes specifically designed for children and others for adults, allowing you to enjoy the spectacular scenery of Somiedo Park in a way that suits your level and preferences.

Special Visits: Discover the natural beauty of Somiedo with our routes that include visits to traditional cabins, strategic stops at iconic locations such as Valle Lago, Braña de Sousas, Lake del Valle, among others.

Some routes offer the opportunity to taste refreshing cider in the midst of nature.

Comfort and Safety:

Teaching and Accompaniment: Our team is committed to providing you with safety and comfort. We will teach you everything you need to know and accompany you during your excursions, ensuring that you fully enjoy the experience.

Base at Camping Lagos de Somiedo: Start your adventure from our base at Camping Lagos de Somiedo, where you will find amenities such as a bar, restaurant, services, and changing rooms, making your experience even more satisfying.

Safety Guarantee:

Official Permits and Insurance: Since 1996, El Chugarín Horseback Riding Routes have been organizing excursions with all official permits, as well as Civil Liability and Accident insurance.

Your safety is our priority.

Discover the magic of the Somiedo Natural Park in an authentic and memorable way.