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    Acampada natural en Somiedo, Asturias
  • Acampada natural en Somiedo, Asturias

    Camping Lagos de Somiedo
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Información y Reservas

Camping Lagos de Somiedo

Acampanda Natural

Camping Lagos de Somiedo
Situado en el centro del valle glaciar cuya cubeta alberga el mayor lago de la cordillera Cantábrica
Apartamentos Rurales en Somiedo, Asturias

Apartamentos Rurales

Casas La Laguna II
Conjunto de 2 Apartamentos Rurales en el corazón del Parque Natural de Somiedo

Cómo Llegar

Desde Oviedo, tomar la autovía hacia Grado-La Espina y por la A-227 llegar a Pola de Somiedo, o salir en Trubia, desde aquí continuar dirección Teverga y luego seguir por el Puerto de San Lorenzo hasta Somiedo.

Desde el centro de la península tomar la AP-66 salida Villablino, hasta Piedrafita de Babia y continuar dirección Puerto de Somiedo, bajando a Pola de Somiedo.

Una vez en en centro de Pola de Somiedo, capital de Concejo, continuar unos 8 kilómetros por la carretera comarcal que nos llevará hasta el pueblo de Valle de Lago.

Europe's best mountain campsites

Desde el año 2009 el Camping Lagos de Somiedo aparece recogido en la guía de los mejores camping de Europa (Europe's best mountain campsites) que publican los prestigiosos diarios británicos The Guardian y The Observer

Keith Didcock, co-author of the New Cool Camping Europe, picks his favourite mountain sites, from idyllic Alpine meadows to sun-kissed sierras, starting with a Swiss valley hideaway that epitomises the joys of high-altitude camping

Keith Didcock
The Observer, Sunday 22 March 2009

Home to bears and wolves, the Parque Natural de Somiedo in the Cordillera Cantábrica mountains of northern Spain can claim to be one of Europe's last pristine wildernesses.

Camping Lagos de Somiedo is up such steep and twisty roads that not many humans (and even fewer caravanners) make it up here. The site, in the village of Lago, is a fairly compact area by the side of a small stream running down from the lake. But with cars confined to an entrance car park, the camping area is blissfully free of clutter and there's plenty of room to spread out and make yourself at home. There's even a discreet little hideaway across a stream, accessed by a rather charming rickety old wooden bridge.

There are cranes erecting new apartment blocks down in the valley, but Lago is a throwback to an earlier era. The only real signs of modernity are the telephone wires strung from house to house. Another sign that you're behind the times is that spring comes late in these mountains - the trees can still be budding in May and there can even be flurries of snow - but once summer comes there's everything you require for that supreme high-mountain feel: birds of prey wheeling through the skies, cow bells clanking, lazy dogs and horses blocking the road. And then there are the bears. And the odd wolf. But at least you can console yourself with the thought that they're likely to be more scared of you than you are of them. Yeah, right.

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